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Ramon J. Posada M.A. Phil.  



Academic Vitae
Philosophy of Religion, Critical Thinking, Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, and Religious Studies.

Graduate Coursework                                                                                           
Claremont Graduate University                                                                      Claremont, CA.

The orientation of the program is one geared toward the historical foundations of Philosophy with emphasis on the analytic tradition. 

M.A. Philosophy                                                                                              Spring 1989
Cal State Los Angeles                                                                               Los Angeles, CA. 

Graduate course work covering the major fields in Philosophy with a special emphasis in the areas of Ethics, Social/Political Phil., Metaphysics, Epistemology, the teachings of Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Descartes, and Kant.

B.A. Philosophy                                                                                              Spring 1984
Graduate Theological Union:                                                                          Berkeley, CA.
Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

A general study from early Greek to Contemporary Philosophy.  Emphasis on Aristotelian/Thomistic thought covering Cosmology, Logic, Rational Psychology,  Metaphysics, Ethics and Philosophy of God.  Also studies in Scripture, History of  Christian Spirituality, Depth Psychology and Speech.

Other Areas of Interest   (With course work) Theology, Catholic Social Teachings, Mathematics and Education.                        


BBC Radio Interviewed and featured for a world wide broadcast on the topic of the role of spirituality in the martial arts and how it relates to Western spirituality.

Community College Calif. Credential Issued by the state authorizing service as an instructor at the community college level in the fields of Philosophy and Religion.

Certificate for Teaching Critical Thinking Cal. State L.A.   Graduate work covering Logic, Phil. of Language, Phil. of  Science, Analysis of the Elements of Reason (taxonomy, abilities and disposition needed for critical reasoning) and directed teaching experience.


Glathe Award (1988)                                               Department of Philosophy Cal State L.A.

For most promising graduate student.

Graduate Honors (1988)                                       School of Arts and Letters Cal. State L.A.
For academic achievement.

Honors for Service (1985)                         St. Francis of Assisi Parish  (Los Angeles)

For service to youth.

SKILLS: Bilingual  (Native born Spanish speaker)  Good organizational and oral/written communication skills.  Approachable to students.


Fall `98-Present: East Los Angeles College                                                 Los Angeles, CA

Teach Logic, Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Phil. of Religion and World Religions to a multi-cultural student body.  In addition, founded and moderate the philosophy club.
Sum `99-Fall `99: West Los Angeles College                                                Los Angeles, CA
Taught Intro. to Philosophy, and Critical Thinking to students in the colleges’ PACE program.  This also included coordinating activities and lectures with other faculty members representing different disciplines, and participating in all day Saturday conferences.
Spring `98: San Bernardino Valley College                                             San Bernardino, CA.
Taught Introduction to Logic to college students.
Spring `98: Fullerton Community College                                                         Fullerton, CA.
Taught Introduction to Philosophy to newly immigrated students who have degrees in the science of Medicine in their homeland, and who are seeking re-licensing in the States.

Sum. `97-Spring `98: Riverside Community College                                     Riverside, CA.

Taught Critical Thinking in both the regular college program, and in the extension program to high school students.

Fall‘97: L.A. Trade and Tech. Com. College                                                 Los Angeles, CA.
Taught Logic in their regular college program.

1995-1997:  Damien High School                                                                     La Verne, CA.

Taught Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, World Religions, Introduction to Catholic Theology, Ethics, and Sacramentology.  Worked with 185 students on a daily basis, providing both educational and personal value development skills.

Summer '96: L.A. Trade Tech. Com College                                                 Los Angeles, CA.
Taught Logic/Critical Thinking for two hours a day from Monday to Thursday.

Fall '95:  L.A. Trade Tech. Com College                                                     Los  Angeles, CA.

Worked with a temporary one term full-time contract in the PACE program of the college.  Taught Intro. to Philosophy to adult students who were preparing to move into a four year institution.  Responsibilities included teaching six two hour courses on a weekly basis, holding office hours, weekly faculty meeting, collaborating with other instructors, instructional television program, and all day Saturday lectures and field trips.

1992-1994: Ramona Secondary School                                                           Alhambra, CA.

Worked in The Religious Studies Department teaching Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, History of Catholicism, and Christian Moral Values to both Freshmen and Sophomores.

1991-1992: Riverside Community College                                                        Riverside, CA.
Temporary, full-time philosophy instructor. Taught Introduction to Philosophy and Critical Thinking courses while serving on the college's Vision and Values Committee.  Served as a mentor to Hispanic students who were seeking careers in Education.  Made myself available both officially and unofficially to assist students outside of class.
1989-1991:  Holy Family High                                                                          Glendale, CA.
Taught Christian Theology to juniors and sophomores (New Testament, Ethics, and Social Justice).  This included daily class preparation and evaluation, along with lecture presentation of subject matter.  Other duties included being Campus Minister, and as such formed the Campus Ministry program and team, organized liturgies and activities which would foster both spiritual and personal growth for both faculty and students.

1990-1991:  Fullerton College                                                                         Fullerton, CA.

Taught Logic/Critical Thinking classes on a part-time basis covering such material as the distinction between deductive and inductive logic, making arguments explicit, and studying both proper and improper inferences present in natural and artificial language.

1988-1989: Chapter I Program                                                                    Los Angeles, CA.
Worked in L.A. Unified program which rendered assistance to non-public schools in instructing students with a low grade average.  Tutored students ranging from kindergarten to 8th. grade age as a teaching assistant in a Catholic elementary school.

1985-1988: John Marshall High                                                                   Los Angeles, CA.

Teaching assistant in the English as a Second Language Department. Assisted non-English speaking student both in groups and on a one-to-one basis with their English and Mathematical skills.

1984-1985: Daniel Murphy High.                                                                 Los Angeles, CA.

Taught religion to 120 juniors on a daily basis. This included preparing for class, evaluating, recording and reporting students' work.  Held the position of Campus Minister and thus acted as a personal counselor to students while formulating a campus ministry program and organizing extracurricular activities for the students (e.g. liturgies, retreats, days of recollection, and outings).

VOLUNTARY WORKEXPERIENCE: Peace With Justice Center board member (2003-Present); Peace With Justice Center vice-president (Present); Social Justice Speaker (2005-Present); Citizenship Formation Teacher (Present); Confirmation Instructor (1986-91); Eucharistic Minister (1986-93);  Youth Director  (1984-87). Worked with both English and Spanish speaking teenagers providing a variety of services;. Visitation and Yough Camp (1983).  Did home visitations and sick calls while co-supervising a summer day camp for children in the Watts district of Los AngelesJuvenile Detention (1983-84).  Provided weekly liturgical services followed by individual counseling or group discussions to youth  detained in juvenile hall;   Spiritual Director  (1982). Worked with the Latino community, both adults and youth.  Also spiritual director and co-director of youth group (both college and high school age);.  Catechist (1975-81, 1984-86).  Gave weekly catechetical classes, using scriptures and theology, to different age groups including juveniles in detention camps.
INTEREST: Enjoy reading, music, chess, weight training, playing on computer, Japanese martial arts, Yoga, and travel.  Have visited France (Paris, Nice), Monaco, Italy (Rome, Florence, Assisi), Greece (Athens, Mykanos), Belgium (Brussels, Brugge, Louvain), Holland (Amsterdam), England (London, Canterbury), Spain (Madrid, Toledo), Mexico (Mexico City,  Merida, Cancun).
Updated: November 2006