I have been teaching professionally since 1984. My teaching career has spanned elementary schools, high schools and colleges. A good portion of my early teaching years were also spent as a youth and campus minister for both English and Spanish-speaking youths. For the last ten years I have been teaching at ELAC, serving in various capacities including Philosophy Club's advisor, Academic Senator and member of the LACCD Environmental Sustainability Committee.

I began studying Philosophy to fulfill a requirement for seminary students who wanted to receive a degree in Theology. Though my love for Theology has not wavered, I decided to focus my studies on Philosophy. The reason for this was that I felt that a career in Philosophy would be a strong foundation for studying any other academic subject, including Theology. In addition, I love teaching Philosophy. I find that the study of Philosophy is the most direct way in which a person can be challenged to move beyond their daily, and often unrecognizable, `prejudices'. Genuine philosophical inquiry can lead a person to the point of at least recognizing their social, cultural and intellectual limits. Such recognition opens the door to seeing the world in a new way. I believe that teaching Philosophy is an art that allows me to share my personal journey with others while at the same time setting up an `arena of ideas' and discussions in which others can share their views, beliefs and experiences with me. What could be better?

In recent years, I have been active in the field of Catholic Social teachings. Presently, I have served as vice-president of the Peace With Justice Center, given presentations on the philosophical and theological ideas involved in the immigration question, religion in the public space, and the role of humanity in creation. Presently, I'm serving in the Office of Justice and Peace Commission of the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, a yearly participant at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development as a guest of Franciscans International, and co-founder of the LA Archdiocesan Creation Sustainability Council.

In addition to my academic and social justice pursuits, I love the company of my family and friends. I find these relationships to be the life force in my studies, and the motivation for my work in the field of social justice.

Please feel free to move through this website. I hope you find it useful, and as an aid to your personal life journey.



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